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The VOID | Tirthan Valley

The Valley of Gods..


Imagine a place where the serene whisper of Tirthan Valley's pristine rivers meets the vibrant hum of creativity and collaboration. Our co-working co-living space in this Himalayan paradise is where you can find the perfect harmony between work and nature. Nestled amidst snow-clad peaks and lush forests, you'll wake up to the melodies of birds and find inspiration in every sunrise. Here, you can live, work and thrive in a setting that seamlessly blends the tranquility of Tirthan Valley with the energy of shared innovation. Welcome to a place where your dreams and the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas meet.

Live & Work
Just Live

The VOID | Tirthan Valley

VOID Tirthan coliving blends together a unique style mud-house homestay with cozy en-suite rooms and a communal common space with an amazing mountain view of the entire Tirthan Valley. After a day wondering in the wilderness, head up to our rooftop or our garden to catch the sunset with fellow members. Or join one of our regular BBQs or lunches held there.

Located just minutes from Tirthan river, our colive is within walking distance from a beautiful waterfall and many beautiful villages.

The VOID Tirthan coliving

What's included?

Private Room

En-suite bathroom

Co-working space

Fast Wi-Fi


VOID Tirthan coworking, is Tirthan Valley's first coworking space and is attached to the co living property. As in Dharamkot, The VOID Tirthan has dedicated optial fiber internet lines to ensure connectivity without interruption. Surrounded by the moutains, the coworking space is one of a kind in Himachal. The coworking space is heat and sound insulated 🤘🏻

The VOID coworking space in tirthan valley

What's Tirthan Like?

Tirthan Valley is a serene haven nestled in Himachal Pradesh, characterized by the tranquil flow of the Tirth spring originating from the majestic Hanskund Peak (4800m). It's a picturesque landscape where unspoiled nature meets rich cultural heritage. The valley boasts beautiful villages steeped in tradition, offering a captivating glimpse into a lifestyle intertwined with ancient customs and local culture.

Tirthan Valley
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