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A team retreat in the void dharamshala

Team Retreats

Plan team-building itineraries and curated trips in paradise

We design retreats for companies and remote teams looking to get together for meaningful collaboration.

Attracting and retaining top talent requires offering perks that deeply enrich employees’ lives. We take care of all the details that would otherwise require months of planning to get your team set up to work and live from anywhere for weeks or months at a time. You want extraordinary, happy employees, so give them something they can’t get anywhere else.

Our trips bring people together and creates social bonds in inspiring and culturally-rich environments.

Build Company Culture

Belonging is critical for your company and can be hard to build across a team that’s not all sitting together. Unique shared experiences like our trips bring people together to foster connection and collaboration regardless of where their home base is. For some it may mean meeting their colleagues for the first time.

Reward & Attract Employees

Our retreats allow you to extend company culture and reward and celebrate those who’ve been by by your side for the long ride. Snagged investment funding? Finished a huge project ahead of schedule? Celebrate your milestone by bringing employees together on a live and work trip at Outpost.

Join Team Building Activities

Not all team building activities are created equal. Forget boozy weekends away or awkward workshops where staff can’t wait to check their phones. Send the entire team to an inspiring destination to boost collaboration while immersing themselves in new cultures. 

A person working from the Void co-working space
Team of streamsets working together from the common space

Give them a new working environment while staying connected to HQ.

Customizable team retreats

Designed to be flexible, our programs can be tailored to your ideal package. Let us know your timeframe, business requirements and group size — we’ll handle the rest.

Team of streamsets on a hike to the bhagsu waterfall
“Remote Work is a permanent civilizational shift...the most important thing that’s happened in my lifetime.”

Marc Andreessen

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