Team Retreats

Plan team-building experiences and tailor-made getaways in a paradise setting.

Plan team-building experiences and tailor-made getaways in a paradise setting.

We create retreats for companies and remote teams aiming to foster meaningful collaboration

Attracting and retaining elite talent means providing perks that meaningfully enhance their lives. We take care of all the details, ensuring your team can seamlessly work and live from anywhere for extended periods. Give your employees something exceptional that they can't find elsewhere.

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Our journeys bring individuals together, creating social connections in inspiring and culturally immersive environments


Build Company Culture

Creating a sense of belonging is vital for your company and can be challenging with a remote team. Our distinctive trips unite people, fostering connection and collaboration regardless of their location. For some, this may be the first opportunity to meet their colleagues face-to-face.

Reward & Attract Employees

Our retreats help you extend your company culture and honor those who have supported you along the way. Just secured funding? Completed a significant project early? Mark these milestones by gathering your team for a live and work trip at The VOID.

Join Team Building Activities

Team-building activities aren't all the same. Skip the boozy weekends and awkward workshops where staff can't wait to check their phones. Instead, send the entire team to an inspiring destination to boost collaboration and explore new cultures.

Give them a diverse working backdrop while ensuring uninterrupted HQ collaboration

The VOID Team retreat

A typical day

Rise and shine with a rooftop sunrise yoga session with your team. It’s the perfect start to the day.

Customizable team retreats

Built to be flexible, our programs can be customized to your desired package. Tell us your timeframe, business requirements, and group size — we’ll handle the rest

The VOID life

Take your whole team on a curated adventure

"Remote Work is a permanent civilizational shift...the most important thing that's happened in my lifetime."

Marc Andreessen

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