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Building Real Relationships While Living the Digital Nomad Life


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The idea of 'working from anywhere' definitely has its advantages. It offers flexibility, freedom, and a balanced work-life dynamic, to name a few. However, constantly being on the move and frequently changing locations can make it difficult to establish lasting business connections.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to build professional relationships while working remotely

1. Join a coworking space!

Coworking spaces are great because they allow individuals to work independently in a shared environment while staying close to others. These spaces often organize social gatherings, networking events, and workshops, offering valuable chances to build business connections. With many open-minded professionals using coworking spaces, they provide an ideal setting for developing professional relationships.

Join a coworking space!

2. Online communities are your friends

Online communities are an excellent way to connect with others and arrange in-person meet-ups. Slack, in particular, is a valuable networking tool for digital nomads, allowing you to join local events and use the #mycity hashtag to find relevant contacts. There’s a Slack community for almost every interest, making it simple to network and build business relationships specific to your industry and location. Additionally, Slack helps maintain connections even after you move on.

Facebook, though it might seem outdated, is still worth revisiting. By updating your profile and searching for local networking events, you can meet people in person and build lasting connections that benefit you wherever you go. In the end, nothing beats face-to-face interaction.

3. Do more of what you love

It may seem straightforward, but the best business contacts are often formed naturally. If you enjoy playing basketball, consider joining a team. If you love meditation, try joining a yoga studio. These activities offer enjoyable ways to connect with others, and you might even meet your next investor, co-founder, or graphic designer.

Do more of what you love

4. Volunteer your time

Do good while meeting others. Volunteering for a charity, organization, or group is an excellent way to give back to your community. It also offers a chance to meet new people and bond over a shared passion. Whether it's rescuing wildlife, restoring coral reefs, teaching local children English, or working at orphanages, there is sure to be an opportunity that aligns with your interests.

5. Join a community-based travel program or retreat

Experience a life-changing journey by joining a community-focused travel program or retreat. These programs seamlessly blend exploration, personal development, and meaningful connections. Dive into local cultures, engage in enriching activities, and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you are looking for professional growth, wellness, or adventure, these retreats provide a nurturing environment for learning, growth, and creating lasting friendships. Perfect for digital nomads, these programs offer a unique chance to network, collaborate, and make unforgettable memories while on the move.

Join a community-based travel program or retreat

6. Stay at a Coliving

Think about staying in coliving spaces to connect with other travelers and digital nomads.

Curious about coliving? It's a shared living concept where residents have private ensuite rooms but enjoy communal areas, shared amenities, and organized events. This lifestyle fosters a strong sense of community, offering numerous chances to meet and build friendships with other digital nomads.

At VOID coliving spaces, community is at our core. Whether you’re enjoying a coffee, walking through the gardens, working in the lounge, sharing a meal, or participating in a yoga class, there are endless opportunities to interact with other residents. We welcome you to join one of our coliving spaces in Himachal and become part of our thriving community.